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The QTE even strokes in blade soul gold game

11/29/2012 PM
  The QTE strokes system through the whole blade soul gold game , and it has a combination with a new generation of UI to give blade soul gold players a very nice fighting experience [Lord] in the process of it . So when it comes to the QTE , it’s inseparable from the battle UI.

  First take a look at the blade and soul fighting spirits UI bit: they are formed by the mouse left and right buttons, 1234, ZXCV constitutes, of course, each of which has its own frequency rate, of course, the left and right mouse keys is the majority of players most familiar ,it is also the most commonly used keys in the blade and soul , any players can through the left and right mouse key to have a formation of a battle with strokes. 1234, omitted from the blade and soul Spirit 5678, the reason is very simple, it is too far, inconvenient, although the 1234 is the most commonly used keys of the traditional players, but the sword of the Spirit, the most well-button design, this 4 keys farther away from the finger skills , then the key will have fewer frequencies, for example, we put some long CD skills in 4 above. The final step is ZXCV, then according to the previous design philosophy, of course, will find these keys and frequencies quickly even strokes should be no much relationship, because we are considered by the player's fingers (think Apple user experience design)so even move more than 80% in the blade and soul through the mouse left and right arrow keys to +123 accomplished very simple.

  It still have a lot of attitude in the blade and soul, such as [the ground] [floating] [vertigo] [weak] [dodge] , in the dodge , QTE will push dodge convergence fighting skills , and skills of UI becomes resurrection after death even various social action is only 123., players only need to see a different attitude 123 , that is very smart and convenient.

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