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The hatred value calculation about blade and soul

11/30/2012 AM
  Sometimes , the hatred value calculation about blade and soul is kind of complicated and that make many blade and soul players feel not good , i bet it will affect they buy blade & soul gold, now let’s talk about the hatred value calculation methods about blade and soul :

  The first, and most common, the man who hurt most is hatred. So I guess you guys often see this situation, the BOSS chasing and run after his ass , and then a bunch of melee chasing BOSS ran after his ass , results in a melee damage more than BOSS ...then the whole world is quiet.

  The second is the boss’s hate flying in the air . For example what impressed most is the level more than 30 that the God , often inexplicable turn to other people, and you can hardly run away.

  Third, hatred cleared. Such as brother Lux picked him up when the mighty. Floor when moment hatred cleared.

  Fourth, strong pull the hatred skills. Such as summoning the cat curled up, such as the boxer's fist, such as the blade soul swordsman. It is said that after a revision in September canceled the deceleration. Then it become difficult.

  In short, unlike Aion methods of animal husbandry , that kind of hatred in the blade and soul gold game is not very clear. Everyone should pay attention to their most important jobs, but also take into account other things, and the dynamic of the teammates.

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