2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The very intellectual IC packaging and testing will be started within five days

11/30/2012 PM
  As blade and soul gold players know , one exciting news has been announced on the main stage of carnival at 11:10 on November 24, 2012,:

  On December 5, the blade and soul was about to begin the "very wise packaging and testing “ prelude and that will be as long as 40 days ! So I bet all of you are looking forward to it , is that right ?

  If you’d like to say the last time was only focused on appreciation, used the attitude of appreciating beauty . tasting the feelings that from your heart ; However , this time it will take you to the ultimate experience, a deeper understanding of the blade and soul . Constant, we will listen to your valuable comments and criticisms for the latest game content, localization, these will be our motivation and localized direction after the test, you can see that we make improvements based on the results of the last test.

  In addition, we will also be hosted on the server and pressure test, adjust and optimize the test the actual data for the network environment and the player feedback , anyway , we will try our best to provide a smooth gaming environment for players.

  Wise blade soul gold players , are you ready? With a taste of a breakthrough, just take a very intellectual challenge !

  (More blade and soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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