2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade soul Swordsmen can use process river skills

11/30/2012 PM
  Recently , many Valkyrie Tower players frequently asked questions , here is the focus answering of these questions . Anyway , the swordsmen will have the opportunity to use the process river skills with your blade soul gold .

  1 There is no limit to the number of times a day.

  2.When you are in a level of 43 , then you can enter, but that does not mean 43 clearance.

  3 Copies usually has a time-limited, such as 5,7 layer.

  4 It will increase the difficulty / Simple mode selection, clearance of the ranking system.

  5 Valkyrie tower is the Fukatsu veteran confrontation devil built the Tower of practice, process river emergence of practice also because revenge enter Fukatsu tower.

  6 there will be a higher number of layers, this time , the update only seven layers.

  7 since called Fukatsu tower, then the latter will encounter Valkyrie BOSS.

  8 way river skills is considering adding swordsman.

  9. It will directly add from a layer of a direct challenge to the system (case 1: for example, need to repaire weapons) .

  10 Single / team clearance of the options is under consideration.

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