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Blade soul high-end assassins share no injuries killing the way river

11/30/2012 PM

  If you want to have a no injuries kill the way river without high-end assassins , maybe you will need much more practice in the blade and soul game and that would cost you more blade soul gold in some unnecessary parts . To help these players , we will share some high-end assassins experience here for all you :

  Stealth - Hong Tianlei -2 flat cut - Backstab - floating leaves gale - sadly - Cobweb - Back buried mine-SS. (Remember the whole play must face down a little way behind SS) - poison-E. This time away just cobweb fall detonated mine, stealth close.

  After nearly perform two routines. Time bomb - blow strengthen - Silver Sand-X (put) - Stealth nearly stealth nearly repeated a routine without mistakes. A small way the audience is control, control to the death.

  Note: Some people will ask, how do mistakes?

  Mistakes to save the market: small away body fat red, stay away from him.

  The reason He hands boldness.

  Boldness put on to draw his sword posture.

  You ran put substitute to eat his proud chopped invincible anti-proud chopped (you can also eat) proud to chop the end, the will to speak, then ended, Lotus rush halo him.

  Repeat 1 or 2 routines.

  (More blade and soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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