2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The points for the Summoner kill Valkyrie tower

11/30/2012 PM
  Actually the points about the summoner kill valkyrie tower is very simple , if you know this skill , you will save more blade soul gold to buy other equipments and enhance your skills , anyway , let me show you these simple points :

  1 After winding immediately moved to the other behind, don’t let the other side has the opportunity to exert teleport, as long as the viewing angle is not the enemy , there is no way out of this trick.

  2 If the pendulum something just like what in two gesture, incantations, hands up and ask the god , then turned back toward you, and then go immediately behind it and it can not see you.

  If there is no way ran to the other side behind , then just usse the cat bomb / curled to achieve control field..

  3 Pull the distance, so when that the other side turned his head when rushing to play, you can have enough time to react, resorted to the dandelion.

  4 Gas explosion Sword friends, turned the floor! Sword mine! ...

  After that , it must be playfully chopped you, so the dandelion is certainly true.

  5 If after the gas explosion sword backlash to looked chop and you were been cut down, do not panic, before the last bit been picked up to the heaven , just use shunning line.

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