2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Sword of the Spirit December update of weapons with new copies of debut

12/02/2012 AM

The props legendary debut with the latest copy! Sword Spirit December update notice

  Notice in the last day of the 30th week of November 5, the official home page of the update will be released in December 6.

  Updated content before open video Valkyrie Tower on the 8th floor, and finally level to unlock the mystery of the legendary weapons, contains three copies of the new spiral maze, most have there like the the PVP player's long-awaited contest systems.

  The secret about legendary weapons allegedly hidden in a brand new copy of Ice warehouse, spiral labyrinth, into the night of Bloody fishing port, and not simply as the drop props.

  A copy of the brand new, a total of three.

  Ice warehouse and night fishing port of Scarlet previous Scarlet fishing port has a lot of contact. Ice warehouse after nightfall, the dead wander inside the Scarlet fishing port a warehouse full of suspense. BOSS brand new night of Bloody fishing port Scarlet fishing port to the night waiting for players.

  As the night Scarlet fishing port debut new cyan red and blue clothing

  Then repeatedly mentioned 7wave in the name spiral maze. This is an extremely complex structure of ancient monuments, and has guarded and various traps guarding the legend here.

  In addition to the 8th floor of the Valkyrie's tower open, here, the players have to transcend Cheng river strength Valkyrie difficult contest. And you can get all kinds of experience and reward the PVP system is also about to open. The PVP system also update debut in December, the player is extremely expect one.

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