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"Blade and soul" Blood Shark Port

12/05/2012 AM

The Scarlet Blood Shark Port is a copy of a hero level of reverence group segment area of ​​the East  Sea Fleet. Here Deadly evil spirits, Dillon ghost, the sunny / red Lang monster with the East China Sea Fleet captain eventually you players to face the ultimate BOSS "sea Wu morning.

  Scarlet shark Port characteristics can only enter once per day, and before you can enter unlimited copies of some subtle difference.

  Another feature is that the players enter the copy can be selected Raiders interval. Short interval in which the player can choose but relatively high degree of difficulty, or simply choose a longer interval simple mode, the player can choose according to their own comprehensive strength.

  Copy encountered a lot of fish Terran monster attacks. Therefore, the players into this copy when a good copy of the region need to use a variety of props and devices props.

  Scarlet shark Port will appear 5 Senior monster. Among them, players first need to face the monster is the the fierce poison evil spirits. It is a huge body of fresh water turtles monster. Suigetsu plains pig farm monster "sea monster tiger Tamron" relatively similar.

  Fierce poison goblin can see in the video is the use of a remote attack, the main use of the crossbow weapon. The Raiders this monster when you need to select the "Black Crane" Raiders had encountered in the large desert lair Tianchi can refer to learn from you.

  The next step is revered group guard captain Dillon ghost wearing a giant armor, and burly body a giant monster. It mainly applies to explosives and flame attack.

  There are beautiful 2 combination "sunny" and "Hong Lang" is the face of the enemy at the same time. They mainly use scorching Buddha's Palm and skills to fight. Close to her two main characteristics and Qigong disabilities. The need to develop a good strategy to face this enemy.

  Final BOSS monster "reverence Mission East China Sea captains sea Wu Chen wrestling skills. The location is also a box to his personal debut appearance of the quadrangular area. The battle often used in wrestling the inherent postures.

  But, really want the Raiders it is probably very difficult. He grabbed a player character can be thrown very far away, or use the killing effect of a more extensive range of skills to carry out the attack. At least see in the video content is also conceivable that he is not easily able to beat the enemy.

  After elimination of the monster, you can get some new costumes and props. Destroyed sunny with red Long will be able to get a comb-style costumes and props, wig, nursing bags under the eyes, face masks and other props.

  Destroyed that the final BOSS monster "sea Wu morning will get a combination of red and black two-tone costumes and props. These costumes no racial distinction, any role can be equipped to use. In addition, there are similar Hai Wu morning clothing clothing props. It should be said that this dress would be suitable for the Kun family male players equipment.

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