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"Blade and soul" a very intellectual the closed beta Aspect Secret

12/06/2012 AM

 R & D by the Korea NCSOFT company Tencent agent "Blade and soul" officially opens in China very wise 40-day beta test, the test than the core Appreciation testing many new New Aspect, such as: the pinch of the new on-line face system offensive and defensive game combat system, Meng Department Ling family Summoner. Players during the game, will be able to truly experience the breakthrough game fun imagine, feel very intellectual charm of "Blade and soul".

  Battle featured content

  Very intellectual IC packaging and testing, the upgrade of the combat system so the fighting process full of wisdom. Unique fighting four major characteristics: QTE, offensive and defensive game, vocational punch and smart lock changed the traditional online games Zhan Zhuang the Daguai of shackles. In the fighting, according to the two sides of the state of different systems will be prompted to key players and to walk, adopted piecemeal, offensive and defensive game, real time, interactive, multi-push, the three-dimensional instantaneous. These unique combat settings, allowing the player to fully experience the important role of the "wisdom" in the course of the fighting.

  The new vocational Summoner debut

  The very intellectual IC packaging and testing will add a new occupation, Summoner. This unique career, career as a spiritual family chaomeng appearance will undoubtedly get more female players of all ages and cat pet. The Summoner gas Illusion is the ability that they should not be underestimated. The summon will assist Summoner battle summon in times of crisis, but also play unexpected role. The ability to summon each of the same, a good Summoner good rational use of their abilities.

  The powerful kneading face build the exclusive role players

  "Blade and soul" to meet the players on the pursuit of the image of the personality, adding a powerful pinched face system. "Blade and soul" pinched face system added more makeup options, blush, eye shadow, eyelash length are controlled, the players in the game can create a different character, more people players Niechu comic characters One Piece, Hulk, its shape is vivid, lifelike endless.

  The dodge system players flying dream

  "Blade and soul", the players learned skills is to dodge, Feiyanzoubi, freedom of flying is a childhood dream of each player in the "Blade and soul", players can achieve this desire to experience fly to bring their own fun. The test, the dodge system also incorporates other game systems the Feiyanzoubi, Dragon body move your feet "to bring players the freedom to experience.

  Shocking plot CG movie level audiovisual enjoyment

  Blade and soul screen has been the pursuit of the ultimate performance of the force to the magnificent CG, the ups and downs of the story, leading the player found a huge secret hidden behind the story. Film-making practices storyboard plot to show courage, to fully create the ultimate visual experience in the Oriental martial arts world. Unreal 3 engine, the screen colors, light perfect integration, restore the true the master painter Hyung-Tae Kim original painting. Sword of the Spirit's innovative aesthetic concept, will bring players beautiful visual feast shocking.

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