2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul ’s Updates in December

12/07/2012 PM

  Recently, the Blade and soul (Korea) has public the update information of December. From the information, blade and soul gold find that many new map and legend weapon will be public. The concrete information of the legend weapon hasn’t know yet and there’s only brief introduce of the map. Next, let’s have a look with blade and soul gold .

  Ice house

  According to the official words, when the dark night comes, the Blood Wave Shark Bay will become the world of the undead from the Angle of Attack Group. What’s more, these undead regardless of camp, they attack when there is life body, so all the soldiers hide into the shelters. There is only one ice house and only the ice house is ablaze with lights. The practice sound “hum and haw” comes out now and then. Who is it? This waits you to announce.


  The maze is an ancient ruin where the unknown prophet hides. The construct is rather complex and is full of pitfall with several guardians inside.

  Night Blood Wave Shark Bay

  The boss of the Blood Wave Shark Bay is different day and night, and the brand new fashions on the poster will come on stage.

  8th of the Champion tower

  Finally the ultimate boss---the Asura comes out at the single Instance Champion tower


  The There Peak joust field will open, so the players can gain experience and reward though joust.

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