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How to create your own chat channels in Blade and soul

12/07/2012 PM

If you want to create your own chatchannels in Blade and soul, you can use the Dialog Box to get one.

The Dialog Box is on the left below of the gameoperate interface. Usually you can only see the dialogues, but when you moveyour mouse to the Dialog Box, it comes out.

At the very start, there are just the All DialogBox and the Battle Dialog Box, but once you click the “+” aside, it will add anew Dialog Box.

The window list can be roughly divided intodialog, system and battle, or you can use setting to make more detail choice.

When create a Group Dialog Box, input thename you want such as bladeand soul gold, and then affirm, a new Dialog Box comes out.

The Dialog Boxes you create can be dividedinto ones and shift freely. Just click the Dialog Box, and shift to anywhereyou like.

And the name of the Dialog Box blade and soul gold,you can change whenever though a right click on the mouse.

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