2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

WOW vs. Blade and Soul

12/09/2012 AM

  The Blizzard is a myth in the Game Industry; it spends ten years to make an unprecedented classic. All though his success is provided with mystery, but what we all see is that, in the conflict of the Game Industry, make authoritative works is always Blizzard’s aspiration and motivation.

  Recently, many people are discussing about this:the now-popular Blade and Soul and the WOW which has one foot in the grave, these two games, which is better and which is worse?

  ---WOW represents a time, even though it can’t return to the elegant demeanor any longer, but what it brings to us are all wonderful memories. However, Blade and Soul is like the sun in broad daylight, we are expecting it to become better and better.

  ---I think we don’t have to compare these two games. They both classical games made by Blizzard. What they should do is refer to each other to make the games more funny and amazing.

  Wise see wisdom. blade and soul gold wants to say just learn through your own practice.

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