2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul: some suggestions to the novices

12/09/2012 PM

  This time buy blade and soul gold will share some useful suggestion with the novices.

  1. The purple task can only be connected by click the Task List, and it will teach you the basic use of the skills. So don’t take it only for complete the task. What’s more, some of the task can’t trigger the next step unless you have a click on the items in your prop bag.

  2. Take all the tasks nearby when arrive at a stronghold, usually a small copy task has two or three related tasks.

  3. At level 9, you will come across the first field boss, what you need to do is try your best to get the output on condition of hold on your life. Then you will get 1-3 Fine Spirits, and the level 9 main task will give you 3 Fine Spirits. With this, you can take a rotary draw. If you round up the trigram and weapon, the tasks following will be much easier.

  4. When too many players are battle for the same monster, you can try to shift the channel, it will be faster.

  5. At level 14, you will receive a task that you had to kill 50 monsters. You’d better set a group with more long-distance players, or let people lead you. The boss in the first copy, it’s rather difficult for a novice alone.

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