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Analysis of the PVP of Saber in Blade and Soul

12/10/2012 PM

  Under my friend blade and soul gold  introduction, I catch on to Blade and Soul. From then on, I turn my attention to this game. The free flying, the beautiful fashion, the elegant vision and the unique game form all deeply attracted me. Therefore, I know Blade and Soul will accompany me as my new partner for a long time.

  To me, I like the Saber very much, mainly because the professional positioning: counterattack, hamper and suppress the enemy. What’s more, I like melee. In general, I will play the melee. And the Blade and Soul is a MMOPRG online game which qualitatively different from the other online games.

  The Saber uses the skills and attacks of the monsters to counterattack even anti shock, and could select continuous skill after the parry according to the battle condition. That’s the QTE skill only belongs to Blade and Soul.

  Besides, the Saber has the most attack postures of all. It has three attack postures: general, sword and slash. During the battle, I can shift freely from general to slash. Once you can shift these two postures freely, you can solo most of the boss. This is the other important reason why I choose the Saber.

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