2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The ranking system in Asura tower

12/27/2012 AM

  As the forecast of NC, Blade soul gold has wait for a long time. Finally, yesterday Blade and Soul add the ranking system in Asura tower.

  Now that the players can view their friends and players in the server that the time rankings for custom clearance the Asura tower.

  After the players beat the Asura, the custom clearance success information and the list window will popup together. The custom clearance time is bases on the shortest time of their own struck.

  When take a faster customs clearance, the “ranking refresh” prompt will appear at the ranking list below. Otherwise, there is only the “successful customs” prompt.

  The ranking list will be automatically calculated time between players and friends, this is the first demand of player who likes to show off!

  Ranking list refresh time :

  The ranking list refresh every week.

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