2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Remember force master is not a good tank

12/27/2012 AM

  If you are a player who likes the BOSS emanates high damage digital which belongs to you. If you are a player pursuit for nerves, and constantly face pressure from BOSS. Blade & soul gold recommend you not to choose force master.

  Force master in the team is more of a control, auxiliary role.

  Many players choice force master has an error. They think that the force master has thick blood and high defend that it must be a very good tank when beat BOSS in copy.

  Remember that in 90% of the BOSS war, force master can’t serve as the role of tank.


  1. In the combat, force master will frequently use with their own flesh to control the BOSS and a pity that this time force master itself output damage. But in Blade and Soul, 90% of the monster hatred value is determined by damage output. In simple terms, who give the most pain to the monster, the monster will strike him. The monomer output of force master is slightly weaker and speed time is shorter than any other professionals, so the hatred value will be relatively low.

  2. The force master is lack of avoiding damage means. There is no occupational therapy in Blade and Soul which determines the copy in battle, tank professional cannot bear too much damage, but more is to use their skills to avoid damage.

  What kind of skills is to belong to avoid damage?

  The swordsmen block, boxer counterattack, elbow, such skills can not hurt, and avoid damage and follow-up after are output method.

  To force master, only have a block skill: iron wall, and cooling time for 1 minute. And even doesn’t have SS skill.

  Although no cooling time of wind can improve 400% of defense force, but this kind of circumstance to eat BOSS, a skill or lose close to 1/5 of the blood volume, endurance ability scores.

  To sum up two points, force master is not a good tank.

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