2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Push the mahatma down in Moonwater Plain (1)

12/27/2012 PM

  If you want to push mahatma down, you must first understand its attack mode. Buy blade and soul gold here show you the strategy. The bliss mahatma according to blood value can be divided into three stages. Each stage has a fixed attack mode.

  BOSS in more than three-quarters of blood, its attack mode is as follows:

  Wave + hand knife + downward kick + violent social upheavals + long thrust = attack mode 1

  Wave: baseball type blow, the front half as into damage, addition with “beat back” effect.

  You can take parry, pick and roll to resolve.

  Hand knife: have you seen you mom use the slippers to kill the cockroach?

  Just one word, quick!

  Positioning attack, although with light damage but is quite quick.

  Boxer, swordsmen want to block, should be more careful, if you can’t block then move aside.

  Downward kick: BOSS will turn into a big stick to linear attack, players standing in front of the BOSS to be careful! The stick also stacks “beat back” effect (through the block or walk a dodge to get it over).

  Violent social upheavals: the BOSS will jump up with a stick to beat the earth. The golden cudgel inserted into the earth will turn into a lightning rod. Everyone saw it hurriedly fled. For this can gather into 360 degrees small circle range shock, hard block can’t resist, you can only retreat or Q/E and some other instant invincible skills which in addition with “vertigo” effect.

  Long thrust: is almost the same with downward kick, also with the linear attack, but the stack effect is “beat back”.

  Players only need to pay attention to the action of BOSS, according to appeal fixed attack mode 1 see recruit and recruit, can easily kill BOSS a quarter of health.

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