2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Push the mahatma down in Moonwater Plain (2)

12/27/2012 PM

  If you want to push mahatma down, you must first understand its attack mode. Buy blade and soul gold here show you the strategy. Here is the rest part:

  When the BOSS blood value is about 100000 to 300000, will enter the second stage:

  Roaring + bliss whirlwind + downward kick + hand knife + wave+ hit with fly + bliss cyclone = attack mode 2

  Roaring: BOSS deeply breathes in and then roars, like violent social upheavals, small round area attack, not hard resistance, can only rely on flash. It’s in addition with stun effect.

  Bliss whirlwind: like bamboo dragonfly.

  BOSS takes the gold hoop stick is stuck in the ground crazy rotation, into small circle area attack.

  Mutton dressed as lamb, not hard resistance, can only rely on flash.

  Come back additional with “impending” effect.

  The downward kick, hand knife, wave, no longer repeat, please refer to Push the mahatma down in Moonwater Plain (1).

  Hit with fly: use a stick hit, but also a stick to hit fly. The light looked at crotch is throbbing. Hit with “impending” effect. Through the block or walk a dodge to get it over

  It’s also see recruit and recruit, which will cut BOSS HP to two quarters.

  In addition, we don’t think BOSS small circle range skills against hard to flash, professional have SS skills can instantly back side flash escape, as long as good BOSS recruit posture, no blood hurt. BOSS survival 100000 blood, will enter the third stage.

  Roaring + bliss whirlwind + downward kick +wave + hit with fly + violent social upheavals + bliss cyclone = attack mode 3

  Every moves effect and crack method, please refer to it.

  In addition to “roar, bliss cyclone, violent social upheavals” these three little circle area attack to be careful and not hard, the rest can dodge resistance skills can block out.

  Also, the third stage BOSS attack will then wander in the attack mode between 2 and 3.

  The BOSS appeal any attack can rely on agile operation to achieve without injury.

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