2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The Ice house copy in Blade and Soul

12/27/2012 PM

  As for the update maintenance, in the new version, most players are looking forward the Ice house copy. Now follow Blade and Soul gold to make it up.

  Icehouse copy is a copy of 6 people, the players into a copy of the house in the ice will have a large multiplier in there waiting for players to challenge, and large multiplier will summon for a small multiplier.

  What is the multiplier? It’s the robot with thick blood and high attack in Moonwater Plain.

  Kill large multiplier at the entrance, you can see the BOSS “rose ghost” of ice house copy. Isn’t it familiar? Yes, in “blood wave shark bay”, the red dragon ghost but the color changes.

  The attack mode is like the red dragon ghost and without too much different. But special attention should be paid to its ice firm skills. It’s the same as the prison skill of the Kungfu Master. The players being hit will be immune to all attacks, but ten seconds later, the frozen players will be seconds kill. And this skill is unable to avoid, players will have to use converging attack skills to prevent the BOSS using this skill.

  Maybe there will be a player think that use past fire to deicing firm is the same, sorry it’s of no use.

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