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The meow in summoner hearts for fun

02/25/2013 PM

  Summoner player has a cat to accompany which attract a lot of female players. But the character and meow both opition at the same time test operability.

  The Summoner feel meow is omnipotent, can go up to heaven into the earth. In fact, they yawn may all fall into the hole.

  In the eyes of summoner meow they can coexist peacefully. In fact one of them trouble joy.

  In the eyes of summoner meow is elegant. In fact only to summoner mischief.

  The Summoner think meow is very harmonious relationship with their. In fact, their relationship is not that kind

  To Summoner think meow are abnormal domineering. In fact, they only bullied pupils.

  To Summoner feel almighty meow, out of town. Actually the meow can not achieve every time.

  The Summoner think meow energy forever strong. In fact, they are often so out of power when you are in need of them.

  The Summoner think meow with urgent, they will find a proper place in blade & soul gold to resolve. They actually shop and the loss of things.

  In the eyes of summoner meow is very studious star. In fact, in addition to their gay and consequently will not blade & soul gold.

  Summoner feel of a random the meow are selling sprout. In fact, they are two forced youth

  Summoner think meows are smart meow baby. In fact, they are small cerebral palsy.

  The Summoner think meow is chivalrous. In fact, they only took to the streets begging.

  The summoner believe a group of the meow go to sea snake base died gunfire blue. In fact, they can only be jumping the gun under the spirits of pole dancing.

  Anyway, both the meow and summoner are so Q.

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