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Common hardware problems in the operation of Blade and Soul

02/26/2013 AM

  Some common hardware problems in Blade and Soul

  1. How can Blade soul gold tell if my machine get stuck by the hardware or network?

  What is meant by get stuck? Field still more than 30 can not change, upgrade hardware, if you find that the characters suddenly teleport, it’s because of the network. You can set the basis of the image, display setting, frame rate.

  2. How to identify quality options most sonsume hardware?

  The repeated test results show that the anti-aliasing, shadow effect, water effect, light filters on the frame rate, priority order close. If you do want to be so trouble, want to strike a balance between the smooth and the image quality, Blade soul gold recommended that the first test of the second and fourth.

  3. Best choose what resolution ratio of the display?

  The excellent Blade soul gold display the compatibility of the different proportions. 4:3 will not reduce your field of vision, but 16:9 is still the most comfortable ratio, higher resolution fluency.

  Blade soul gold hardware tips

  1) Do not recommend using a laptop to play the game. To the small screen, from the game even move frequently, notebook keyboard key conflict easily. The mouse speed is not too high, dizziness mouse 1200 DPI more easily transit in the game.

  2) If always get stuck, setting the minimum configuration to an emergency, but the picture was vomiting blood.

  3) Blade soul gold is similar to SC2, CPU and graphics card eat high-demand game, the lack of which side will let experience greatly reduced.

  4) SSD can not let you more smoothly, but the scene loaded so cool, with condition you should try.

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