2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and Soul swordsman single brush freezer boss

02/26/2013 AM

  In the ice warehouse, there are two boss, one is a hidden boss, the other is at the door, the one at the door drop a necklace, and the black dragon box! This is the legendary weapon props, so only hit the BOSS at the door line.

  The BOSS has more than 3.6 million blood can be quite thick blood, the skills compared with scarlet shark port II red dragon ghost not much difference, just a frozen world, frozen ten seconds, and the player is frozen BOSS fight you are not dot, so blade & soul gold do not very concerned.

  The swordsman want singled the BOSS, in fact, is the same, and single brush BOSS good 5 layers bleeding on the line. Note, however, that The BOSS in two phases, a non-violent stage a violent stage.

  Against the wall as far as possible in the open strange when open strange, the aircraft would not open strange, sometimes in the middle of the aircraft, very annoying. Output non-violent stage when all of blade & soul gold can ensure the bleeding can be five layers, BOSS put his hands skills in using the double weakness interrupted skills on the line.

  When players can not be interrupted with dual weak skills BOSS, it means entering a violent stage, The BOSS is somewhat similar in violent stage when Aeolus jump three times, and then inserted, such a cycle.

  Inserted to the time when the BOSS, optimistic about the opportunity to use SS sprint, sprint past 5 draw his sword, basically the delay is not very high case, this time just jump on the day, use the E to dodge harm, then jump up, using the Q , his sword again to heaven, and then with both hands inserted, SS sprint this goes back to the beginning of the cycle.

  Jump up did not much problem with Q or E to hide the BOSS to grasp the internal forces. Do not be anxious output forgetting there is superimposed bleeding.

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