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The cramps boxer core skills introduction

02/26/2013 PM

  To the boxer, who want to cramp, or achieve the highest output frequency on the BOSS skills as well as BOSS release skills must have sufficient understanding of BOSS all the skills to live in the highest output while the defense.

  Below Blade soul gold will talk about the the cramps boxer core skills.

  1. Left elbow. This skill is boxer called elbow!

  Block skill, block success reply 4 point internal forces, block successfully use the right elbow (push hands without resistance effect), the block 1.5 seconds after the success of increased crit chance of 15%, out of resistance the BOSS skills as well as resistance BOSS strokes to reduce their own injuries received by the elbow / traditional counterattack.

  The elbow action obviously put action lasted about 0.5S, not withdraw or release other skills, the action will have to resist the chance of an attack. (For example: the fourth attack of the the Scarlet II Red Dragon ghost is circling, BOSS skills are the two attacks, the first one was hurt, and the second is hurt and blow fly, the boxer with elbow said, the only thing to rely invincible skills, such as Q / E like punches and kicks to evade)

  Boxer elbow familiar BOSS skills simultaneously the control normal cramps interspersed elbow rhythm, is the first choice.

  2. Q/E, SS, punches and kicks

  Many boxer feel own use Q/E, SS feeling about a 0.5-1 seconds slower, in fact we open the skill window (K), to find these two skills of the Q/E can be found, the cast time below 0.2 seconds , so the use of the Q/E is sure to advance.

  Q/E and SS other occupations only one second resistance, but the boxer was as long as two seconds! Boxer’s self-protection skills are quite strong!

  Reverse SS: a god-like skills, SS to freeze in front of goal 5 seconds, resist successfully reset punches and kicks CD. (Boxer SS distance is 4 meters)

  Reverse, the front of the SS freeze, based on figures for the center front of the fan 180°target freeze, when the BOSS is frozen, can not turn around, at the same time the BOSS if in front of his field of vision 180°can not find target , he gonna stand it in the end until the freeze. Say that Blade soul gold should all know how to do it.

  With his back to the BOSS, and then use the SS BOSS frozen, unable to move or turn, severely beat him to hell!

  3. The collapse of boxing

  Outbreak of nirvana output cycle essential skills.

  Blade soul gold have to remember one thing collapse boxing is not just only collapse, do not immediately counterattack after the collapse of boxing must after crit in collapse after boxing crit so you can collapse boxing twice, and the wrestlers grappling also directly collapse boxing, no problem!

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