2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and Soul cramps flow techniques introduce

02/26/2013 PM

  The so called cramps, the impression in the minds of many people is the high frequency of cramps, cramps usually LB +2/1+2 cycle, enhance the efficient output, LB (left) the crit talent points back internal forces 2 point can maintain output, almost no consumption will not be interrupted (mainstream).

  1+2 because the No. 1 key left elbow skills harm than LB, but consumed 1point of the internal forces counterattack successfully enhance crit 15% for 1.5 seconds back at the same time internal force 4 point, so this cramps may be interrupted (without back within the weapons case) we have not before for no brain cramp boxer!

  There is also a form of 1 +2 + LB, Buy blade and soul gold tried, but the feeling is more than a few of their use of bad explosion boxing card. For these types of models, Buy blade and soul gold do not know there, always felt a cramp than LB +2 +2 fast, in fact, as long as the correct output techniques, the frequency of the two forms of the same, the most important of rhythm, a lot of the high-end boxer players in cramps when others listen to the sound are abnormal rhythm.

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