2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The maze copy swordsman skills summary

02/26/2013 PM

  No.1 boss - darkness monster

  Focus is against the wall to hit accurate, bleeding not break. Meow calls attention to the recall.

  The swordsman’s work:

  Swordsman bleeding, but swordsmen only ordinary gesture can stack the bleeding, so can only play a supporting role up bleeding.

  Swordsman tank boss, 2nd hit the wall need to go back to the midfield, hit the wall in preparation for the next.

  Rapid output.

  No.2 boss - clown

  Output mobs tank does not need to pull the mobs, not inverted tank, and, when necessary, to drink nostrums top blood.

  Blew panic, on circle station. (Boss out of the ring of fire, station mobs cryosphere, boss ice circle, stood ring of fire.)

  Team kungfu master, summoner to pay attention. In the boss blew by bombing down before, do not put the ice and dandelion, will be cleared away of blew those who the debuff.

  When the boss put a full-screen, blade & soul gold can use the dandelion hide, but do not use the ice, will be less output time. ( Kungfu master ice shield, so be it, say it! Do not put ice!)

  The swordsman’s work:

  Swordsman if tank mobs, to calculate their own block of time, because the remote skills ballistic speed is not very fast, if feels to fly to the face before when Block time will, on the left-initiative to abolish block, and then cell block. Anyway, the swordsman block for 2 seconds, 1 second CD.

  Swordsman responsible for the bomb, do not just standing swallows sword has been lost to the boss.

  Supple output.

  No.3 boss - Aeolus & Thor

  Aeolus tank need to practice familiar, familiar with the skills, familiarize yourself with the available output time.

  Thor the fullscreen large first time interrupted, increase output and reduce the possibility of mistakes.

  Both sides should have a remote immune the skills or QESS it skillfully.

  Thor first dead.

  The combos, paying particular attention to the 2nd and 4th Thor arrests. Caught a double control, or dandelion, Ice.

  Thor before his death, if there is the wrestlers or spiritual sword, blade & soul gold can control what lifted scrapping Thor, this can be a little more output time.

  The swordsman’s work:

  Swordsman tank Aeolus, must be familiar with the skills. The when kick big fengren, a good grasp of the direction. Punches and kicks that the time to pay attention to the first time block. The combo remember open sword protection. Aeolus tank is generally thunder ball marker, if more money can thor after the death of death once cleared thunder ball on the field, and then resurrected, Aeolus big challenge the premise of your team as well as the living.

  Swordsman is Thor tank block output, interrupting full screen when dual control, open sword protection.

  The swordsman necessary to train well how killed Aeolus. Aeolus unlimited full screen and large case. Aeolus fullscreen large probably once every three seconds.

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