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NC old and new masterpiece compare Aion with Blade and Soul

02/27/2013 AM

  With Blade and Soul list increasingly approaching, many players started to pay attention to their same ethnic origin Aion, the delicate relationship between the two, with NCSOFT big production with flagship exquisite picture of Korea online games, how to choose the Blade and Soul or Aion?

  Blade and Soul VS Aion

  Although exquisite picture set gorgeous as a selling point, but the two games is still a clear difference in style, NCSOFT to avoid doors cannibalism make great pains. Aion belongs to the western fantasy gaming, people and equipment design, in order to take care of the aesthetics of the asian players, do not blindly follow the western fantasy style of realism, but more magical colors and modern metal career armor, a commoner occupational robe, more elaborate and ornate, derived therefrom pinch system, shape extraction, play equipment such as dyeing, widely later games emulated, has now become the standard picture party.

  The successor Blade and Soul gold is a fantasy martial arts online game, like Aion, NCSOFT same traditional martial arts style innovation and improvement, Blade and Soul which set introverted characteristics quite different from the East, more assertive and sexy, a spectacular chest and strong thigh is not just spit bad players, but also NCSOFT trying to balance the oriental martial arts with Western magical proof. Blade and Soul China Wind Ink Material, the ornate style of Western some strange alternative interpretation of freshness and creativity degree full point, to be the time to test the ability for the players accepted.

  The flagship product as the new and old generations, Aion and Blade and Soul also is the NC central stage show creativity in the game. Aion operators three years constant innovation, flying battle fortress warfare, dark puerta copy is unique in the domestic online games, especially the thousands scale fortress war, passion and blood is no people can and. Just on the line of Aion version 3.5 PVP strong restoration as the theme of the first 2v2v2 cooperation racing mode, and the revival of wild PK sub whirlpool play.

  The Aion flight battle screen

  In contrast, the new Blade and Soul gold the games are played on the same new tricks QTE (quick response keys) the introduction and unique dodge system is unique in the martial arts online game. Trigram system of the equipment is the first time the properties and appearance of the equipment to distinguish, on the basis of the Aion shape extraction system further the screen party online games will be far-reaching.

  Blade and Soul dodge game screen

  Aion and Blade and Soul gold is a well-deserved for the two pillars of the NCSOFT, equally exquisite picture, and who set up the same innovative and unique gaming system, distinctive style and play in the future Aion 4.0 and Blade and Soul, are worth looking forward to the majority of players. Days waiting may wish to experience Aion 3.5 version of the latest on-line, in the the dragon emperor war as well as the popular arena and fortress battlefield, feel the unique charm of the online game.

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