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The world contest week assessment of Blade and Soul

02/27/2013 AM

  Different with the last week, the top three, leaving only an assassin, the other two are all spirit swordsman. The summoner also decline to 8. The top 5 are spirit swordsman, assassin, spirit swordsman, assassin, assassin. After actually a force master, then the boxer. To say the truth, Blade and Soul PVP blade & soul gold is not optimistic about the current situation, occupational strong operation is more important than a number.

  Assassin rely on its high flexibility, high outbreak, nausea sneak rampant in the tourney field, but he has an obvious drawback is crisp, although defense jewelry and make up of the trigram, occupational characteristics, or there is no way to make up for.

  Force master has winds, five seconds back 40% of the iron wall why is that? Personal understanding is that force master is not flexible, no QE or SS, only two onrush longer length, CD easily kite. Even though they fight with you just a front, force master moment the outbreak damage is not enough to spike or set even dead. That strong wrestlers continuous play tons of damage control with the card knife, but the demand is so harsh conditions, few people can do it?

  Kungfu master skipped. Well kungfu master blade & soul gold contact not much, listening to a friend’s analysis kungfu master crisp, almost brittle control skills of qigong is relatively less. Here is strong control kungfu master right superimposed 3 skills a long time, it is difficult even to kite. High damage but also put the control skills useless.

  Boxer is strong, the onrush short CD, a variety of invincible skills, injury, lack control skills, caught control live, can not maximize output, so the boxer more caught a wave, output set, and then wait for the CD, call the next wave, this time anything is possible.

  Swordsmen rather awkward the originally the swordsman strong set of skills to achieve the degree of the second person, but now the defensive attributes the rise, not second person and other skills of the CD, is also the only way. Onrush also two conversion posture is not flexible enough skills to release restrictions in attitude between. Playing not moving, can’t resist on playing qualifying naturally difficult to win.

  The summoner is accompany with meow, of course, is also a the corpse two life. Winding and dandelion combination very powerful, and shortcomings encountered very meat of opponents the meow output beat to death himself is not ready to be output, so it is embarrassing. Especially in face of force master, hit the open shield back up.

  The spirit swordsman just to make up for almost all the shortcomings. Spirit swordsman like a hybrid of other occupations. Force master winds (TAB, +400% defense increase movement speed). Kungfu master ghost hand. Swordsman’s sword, drew out his sword, ray chopped flash. In particular, Blade and Soul protection order is five seconds of damage immunity. In the playing crispy career, spirit swordsman can rely on high outbreak seconds away, playing solid career, you can rely on TAB defensive bonuses and defense of jewelry, trigram, their stalemate. Although not as good as the assassin, but also flexible. 5 seconds damage immunity, this period of time sufficient to close or run away.

  Is the future will belong to the spirit swordsman’s world?

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