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Blade and Soul new welfare for players that weapons can upgrade debut

02/27/2013 PM

  Blade and Soul today starting maintenance from 5:00 until 11:00 noon, maintenance time is quite long, so long maintenance time, what new things Buy blade and soul gold bring about?

  For now, the new weapons of the kind of growth, such weapons from the first 249 attacks last 283 attacks grow to require players to step-by-step to do the task, and the first stage of the attack force of 249 the second stage 258, the third stage 269, the last stage of 283.

  This weapon is called a “very magic” weapons, Buy blade and soul gold can notice that some of these weapons can reply internal forces (attacks have a chance to reply to internal forces, this attribute is quite bug attributes when playing a copy).

  The earliest tasks from flowing mist, after doing some relatively simple task of collecting material can upgrade weapons, just the weapon of choice to reach 45 players. And shape of the weapon will change with the upgrade, the main color.

  It seems that NC also noticed the 4 large copy has few to play, just to reach the 45 players group field team also difficult over gunfire blue, resulting in a lot of players and equipment to a of Suigetsu big hero brand weapons after it got stuck, only to spend endless time to storm the pelamis base mixed equipment, but even if the storm pelamis base graduation, playing scarlet fishing port is still quite difficult. “Very magic” weapons, but very good to fill the weapons arrived in 45 novice players suspended period.

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