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Ten most popular game character around Blade and Soul (1)

02/27/2013 PM

  Blade and Soul as a large network of online games, many game characters. Hot sexy the NPC old sister, pure and lovely lolita from the spiritual family, the opposite of snake-hearted boss, people miss the story characters, and so too portray distinctive Blade and Soul tells the story of a character to us around the story of the protagonist (the player). However, what kind of people is most welcomed? Here Blade soul gold share for everyone to take stock of what’s the top 10 most welcomed figures.

  TOP 10: flowers seamless

  Personage introduction: she is the ukraine fall starflex, with Chan Su is the old enemy. Eat, drink, play and enjoy is the Ukraine aim, flowers being recruited by seamless frequently to mobilize his men find asura treasure, However, because of the vice the recruited Tanghong reason nature has changed. Spend no trace that the the last Vice recruited Tanghong betrayal almost died in the hands of the bone surface tribe.

  Ranking reasons: a flower known as the Blade soul gold chest no trace can be considered a a small jasper type of one-eyed beauty is the ideal companion for many otaku minds of the players. Her right eye and Su Lotus, can be considered a compassionate woman, the one-eyed unique temperament will get a lot of the players concerned.

  TOP 9: Yi Yunshan

  Personage introduction: world envoys call a ghost! Yi Yunshan: “Hung Dan Gendi child is his weakness, fly on Qin Yi Jue, although I strongly objected, but in the end they do not listen to me.” He created the most terrible marriage - parents and children, the same it has also become his weakness. Qin Yi must in order to avoid and seclusion encountered a protagonist. Finally, in order to kill Qin Yi must prepare mutinous respect league conventions because of internal betrayal and Qin Yi must be reversed.

  Ranking reasons: Yi Yunshan, a somewhat natural stayed one is too the face plus with mustache, sprout point also pricey, but in fact he is a very rational and calm character. Its final scene as one (child) players game through the story is good or sad. His death should be regarded as Blade soul gold throughout the story most can not bear the most tragic.

  TOP8: Chen Suer

  Personage introduction: female bounty hunter in the big desert had been too the Hung Shigen great help, friendly, very protagonist (the player) like to drink, but not a good drinker! For the dead-head flowers fall, recruited and Ukraine seamless, and there are several of the battle, but the character of the two people is quite similar, and do the same thing, so the task of beginning to end in the desert basically may just see the surface fight.

  List of reasons: the person gun girl, sexy domineering! Forthright sense of justice, should be the ideal confidante of a lot of people! Do this task about her still miss.

  TOP7: dust-free

  Personage introduction: Hung martial art of the Betrayer book called Meteor. Born in the great desert would have been a lot of dream child, but because of the magic Ying Jiang lost sister began to fall! His to Hung Shigen subordinates in order to get the freemason magic. We all know he is a big sentenced thief. Became Qin Yi Jue men, but compared with Orchids, Gege, and did not get the Qin Yi Jue much trust. Received descendants to dispose of the asura song Lotus’s task, but failed due to greedy.

  Ranking reasons: as a person who had many dreams, so many girls lost sister fall sad! Finally turned into a big traitors, but a lot of girls like. Hey! Fact, traitors and lonely, he can be considered a man comparison tragedy.

  TOP6: Scholar Jade

  Personage introduction: the unique offerings passenger radial master, Su Lotus’s aunt, martial arts high. Own a long time family name called Song Lotus, but at the beginning of Chapter 3 Song lotus is kidnapped, sister not be able to help in the plot.

  Ranking reasons: seemingly proprietress are beautiful? Beautiful and powerful martial arts and full of charm, a lot of fans. Mouth the lower right corner there is a beauty spot, legendary trinity, does not list a pity. Although it is a soy sauce sister, but its image is also very popular with otaku favorite, who do not want to have this neighbor big sister to take care of themselves!

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