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Ten most popular game character around Blade and Soul (2)

02/27/2013 PM

  TOP5: Qin Yi Jue

  Personage introduction: the big villain of Blade and Soul gold! Wind of the top leaders of the empire, the central figure in all events. Tainted with the evil ghost city, almost become a monster, last fly month rescued. Currently only open to this, why she wanted to resurrection devil, why do you want the world envoys and all of a kill is temporarily no way of knowing. In order to achieve the end justifies the means, the method is quite cruel.

  Ranking reasons: the queen full range role, how many men will be bowed her whip! Qin yugao whose real name is, but its snake-hearted style of doing things, rivers and lakes known Qin! Righteousness! Absolutely! Everyone fear! People really love and hate!

  TOP4: thousand Zhen boxing

  Personage introduction: the only survivors of one of the heroes of the seal devil, the world envoys. Injured Qin Yi Jue’s internal strength, and the injury is not a light next mountain cloud. To absolutely engage with Qin Yi, his efforts to leveling Mogong with other world envoys are slightly wild. Whether mere doubts about the motives, and kidnapped Su Lotus rejuvenation face, to what do. This is also a weakness endure Qin Yi and eager to avenge the protagonist never received as men, quietly doing what.

  Ranking reasons: the special role of Blade and Soul gold, to profess not have devil take the hindmost! Exude the arrogance of the man, a real man in the hearts of girls, the idol of the hearts of men.

  TOP3: South Surrey Soft

  Personage introduction: the hero of Blade and Soul, is typical of the oppression of women. Her good character and natural, with a strong spirit of resistance. Initially, filial keep chastity, non-interest bearing has marriage with the son of the security chief of the village tract days wind Road, but the harsh reality pushed her to the abyss. First the local hooligans head of also a bamboo forest village head to her forced marriage, forced to participate Zhu Lincun the arms reselling fancy after being external black evil forces rushed angle groups South China Sea Fleet commander, in a struggle with the forces of evil, she rapid development of resistance character, contented, submissive to not hesitate to carry out a resolute struggle.

  Ranking reasons: South surrey soft in Blade and Soul is the first beauty, absolute white Phu My dreams! She has a pair of almond eyes, rosy cheeks, a willow-like eyebrows, overall reflect the characteristics of Jiangnan beauty. Her appearance is so triumphant light, it can not avoid his eyes. Finally, still adhere to her initial dream was to lead on Cloud State Queen’s life, a good perfect girl.

  TOP2: Wah Chung brothers

  Personage introduction: do not know the players remember Wah Chung brothers, then teach you the career path that is too, players are knocked out of the cliff colleagues, Wah Chung brothers also knocked off a cliff, but Wah Chung brothers and players in the the ink flower of poison, but Wah Chung brothers sacrifice because it is not a container, and in the final stage of the Wah Chung brothers life is out of the cave in order to protect the players.

  List reason: Blade and Soul most child heart of the story, the brothers go. How many players its screams so cute too actually dead, the plot Why so set! Because he has “spiritual family BUFF” + “Beginner’s Guide” + “in the side of the protagonist (the player) died evoked sympathy” three elements and personal guidance. Every player to play here, are aching, came in second, with Remembrance Wah Chung brothers hurt players heart.

  TOP1: artillery Lan

  Personage introduction: as commander of the East China Sea Fleet branch Pelamis supply base, and the silver one, silver and other pirates the artillery Lan, and Scarlet Sea Witch fishing port is more like a pirate, and artillery weapons blue and others, a powerful giant gun, and she is quite tough combat effectiveness.

  Ranking reasons: everyone must play Blade and Soul gold over a copy to dry her. Unique gatling machine gun and dual horsetail image for him! If it is not the boss, is definitely a pleasant little lori.

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