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Asura tower weapons are obtained by large change

02/28/2013 AM

  Whether is easier or more difficult, player can judge for yourself. The asura tower weapon acquisition method has been modified by the routine maintenance.

  The first is the 251 attack power weapon.

  The players after finishing challenge asura tower of the 7th layer BOSS the Zheng Zhongsheng obtained the weapons of other professions, decompose will get the Zheng Zhongsheng exchange vouchers props, and collect 15 Zheng Zhongsheng exchange vouchers can go to the specified NPC that in exchange for the 251.

  262 attack power weapon

  Asura tower, 8th layer, after challenge the BOSS asura anger, will obtain other occupations weapons, after the decomposition to obtain the asura exchange vouchers props to the NPC at the exchange for specified when collect 15 asura exchange vouchers.

  Attack power of 272 to 280 weapons (random access)

  The players need to prepare 50 Zheng Zhongsheng exchange vouchers, 50 asura exchange vouchers, began with five spirit stones and five blade & soul gold to asura tower, 8th layer, at the designated NPC, you can random obtain from 272, 276, 280 three weapons access to a weapons to overcome anger. If you do not get 280 weapons, outside the 272 and 276 attack power weapon decomposition the endless towers certificate, once you get 30 and pulls out another prize.

  Attack power of 280 weapons

  As it’s said above random without 280 weapons, players can get 272 and 276 weapons decomposition the endless towers certificate, to collect 30 to exchange for the 280 weapons.

  Attack power of 283 weapons

  If you think this is not enough, players will be obtained 280 weapons decomposition available to the refining anger props +100 blade & soul gold to the specified NPC at the best weapon you can exchange asura tower 283 attack force asura weapons. But this NPC is not easy, there is a need to strike kills 8-layer asura tower of darkness to appear. Really not easy.

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