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Let your cat distinctive Blade and Soul summon cosmetic

02/28/2013 PM

  In Blade soul gold, you do not have to worry about the cat cosmetic, shop allows you to have different cats with other people.

  Let me take you to look at the summon cat’s cosmetic cost and style:

  [Cosmetic in Green Ming Village]

  1. Surface type

  The basis of cats

  Face a total of five kinds, the first four a cosmetic price for 11 silver, and the last one is 50 silver.

  2. Pupil color

  There are 4 chung pupil color, the first three 7 silver, and final one 11 silver, including white, Persian pupil color, green, purple

  3. Eye style

  Eye style is devided into ordinary and concentric circles of two kinds, prices are 7 silver and 11 silver.

  4. Color

  White cat, gray cat, a Siamese cat and panda. The first 3 price is 11 silver, Panda is 16 silver.

  5. Body

  A total of 15 different types: tall, short, fat and lean, each 20 silver

  6. Decoration

  The two decoration: Yang Jian eye is 11 silver; corner of beauty for16 silver

  These are the kitty cosmetic division! Blade soul gold is sure that all these can make you cat unique.

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