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Blade and Soul peripherals introduction for big fans

02/28/2013 PM

  Nowadays, playing a game does not only mean playing in a virtual world, but you can also owning the game in the real world. Today I will show the real Blade and Soul gold to you!

  Blade and Soul Shop

  A Blade and Soul gold Shop is in Korea, full of all kinds of well-made peripherals related to this amazing game. You can find limited concept art collection, clothes, hats, posters, umbrella, jigsaw and more in this shop. Here is the picture, do you want to buy something for it?

  Valentine’s Day Special Edition Chocolate

  Can you guess what are these? Do you believe you can eat it? This chocolates NCSoft made especially for St. Valentine’s Day of 2013. At first it seems like it is not for eating. But all this beauty is made from 100% dark and white chocolate. You can see the female characters of all races. If you can buy your lover the Valentine’s Day special outfit in the game and the chocolate in the real world. Is that a perfect Valentine’s Day?

  It looks so delicious, but it’s sure that all the fans will not have the heart to eat it.

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