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How to acting cute is also a learning

02/28/2013 PM

  The summoner features is a summon to summon can practice point to determine the direction of its development. It can also be used as human shields, a strong output. The iron wall meow, as the name suggests is the human shields cat, anti-blood thick high dodge high. Violence meow, although the show is that the attack power increased, but you really added, you will find, attack force did not change, but the high 30% crit. Q skills cringe good pull-up hatred skills, you can make up as much as possible in the case of main tank mistakes, without letting hatred chaos.

  The summoner skills is biased in favor of buff, so explosive output relative to other occupations Summoner weaknesses. But it does not mean that the summoner no output summon division stacked poison can break the 50% of the defense, the enhanced version of the wasp is a very impressive output. The summoner more two to protect teammates skills pollen, as dandelion. These two skills not only very useful in PVE, in PVP is a good means of escape for a life-saving. In the eyes of many summoner is a good choice for hand residues few skills, the operation is also not difficult. So the cats rushed to casually put himself in the rear a few skills on the bin. But this is only a one-sided understanding of real summoner absolutely requires high operation, not only the character to walk, as well as summon operation. 

         Summoner’s signature skills crazy growth, the pollen and post-combustion pollen, intake, are some of the close of the skills, to increase the output of these skills is not the furnishings, make these skills into force inevitably close, which requires a good to walk, and to release the familiar BOSS skills. This version of the call of many skills brought some effect skills explanation does not mention, but also some errors. Intake strengthen skills 200% monomer uptake, but the actual target can not move all the intake increased 200%, there is a dog tail, when meow poisoning, dog tail recall will be able to lift the poisoning of the negative buff.

  Just need to know as a summoner some preliminary, if you really want to play good this career summoner familiar skills essential for the operation of the cat. Summoner operation not of reviews, blade & soul gold can only smile about this, the only real play, in order to understand the operation of the summoner how difficult it is. As a summoner operating figures, blade & soul gold think has been very good, but for the operation of the summon, there is still a long way to go. So, want to choose summoner players should attention, if you really want to play summoner, do not summon as a dead on re-recruit human shields, but to strive to avoid death.

  Want to play a professional, first of all, you have to like the occupation, can not blindly follow the trend. Each class has the characteristics of each career, the most important is the understanding of the occupation, the first is the familiar skills, be familiar with each skill effects and CD best skills plus point is not going to refer to others , but according to their own habits and preferences, in order to better play, not a replica of the others.

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