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Kungfu masters connected recruit start guide

03/01/2013 AM

  1. Do kungfu master gives the impression of not less blood, low anti and easy to die?

  2. Kungfu masters connected recruit seems not that force!

  3. The position of kungfu masters in advanced copy? Such as ray copy, simply output?

  4. Kungfu master how to use the skills, and how connected recruit, how to practice martial arts?

  The following are just some tips for these problems, do not know is it appropriate.

  First kungfu masters damage is high, but because of the crackling and control can not be sustained, post moves is a must! PS: Some students may ran dizziness, blade & soul gold think it is not that some students the machine configuration does not work or something and hope the dizziness problem can be overcome as soon as possible!

  The first set of practices: do the task to fight a the mobs generally small fireball hands the 3 basic monster fire to the front, ice dragons (key 3) ice small fireball + the the inflammation longxiao (2 key) cobble together five fire close (within 5 meters) vacuum break (1 key) to repel read large fireball (X button) seconds off. If the blood is super ice dragons yet to recover, the six point internal force is sufficiently can right-three hockey to continue to live in the ice again set a little running (usually a circular motion run, because running at the same time you can attack to the target ) save kindling killed.

  The second set of tactics: 3 right-ice, the blame will freeze. Put a cold snap cold spell (basic back to full internal forces continue to put ice three ice) not cold snap then fireball 3 fireball, ice basic thawed, see the distance to put the ice dragon, strange continue to be frozen fill two fireballs fire dragon +1 turtle camp kungfu. Monsters basically dead. If not dead then 4 vampire less on a direct dry out and die, the blood more than 2 introduction to continue fireball or ice hockey. The kungfu ,master output is very casual. Judge moves according to the situation.

  According to personal preference, everyone can choose their own favorite play, of course, play a lot blade & soul gold did not know that these tactics will not help the majority of players love kungfu master?

  As for suddenly ray kungfu ,master main output BOSS teammates caught up ice followed by live here need talent support. Output techniques on the line with the above similar normal circumstances boss does not see you. So as for the other copys.

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