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Spirit swordsman kill asura tower layer seven points and routines share

03/01/2013 PM

  Playing BOSS is basically a routine inherited to react according to the actual situation, so that once mastered a way you want to single brush BOSS is a very simple thing, and today blade & soul gold will tell you about the spirit swordsman kill asura tower layer seven points and routines.

  Start charge> F floating> RB> LB, got up after X proud chopped> LB> LB, Floor C lightning chopped> flash

  When ice ghosting hand> RB> F bludgeon moved to safe area

  Cheng is an exercise of good object, blade & soul gold recommend here, start general attack to the back of the 2 +1 and 3 +1, and then raising it to the shoulder hit even a flash, all can anti shock.

  As long as the anti-well, basically a small way the whole are spent floating, lying on the ground, or caught in the state until the end.


  If no confidence in the anti-flash, then do not forget V skills: temptress moon knife, enhanced by an order of invincible to offset, and the output of the very considerable 2500x2 hits.

  Dragon roaring moving field of protection of CDs, while you can in a small way sword press tab windmills to offset proud chop floating.

  After anti shock not immediately F floating, LBx2 for internal forces and then floating, otherwise likely then not the second hit LB wasted output accounted for F CD time.

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