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Blade and Soul this week contest ranking force master rise boxer rebound

03/01/2013 PM

  In Blade and Soul gold this week, the careers ever three divided the world, the assassin, the summoner and the spirit swordsman fell, force master rise, boxers rebound, but the kungfu master and swordsman is still unknown.

  And has not changed much on equipment, defense streams jewelry worth mentioning new choice, followed by 100 ring and contest the general assembly in exchange for the PVP necklace damage reduction for the freezer the 1300 life, the second three spirit swordsman and assassin both select this set equipped with a maze defense earrings, and diamond also began to select 35 attack rather than all-600 anti-reason to avoid defense streams rise led to two meat who can not move the other.

  Weapons this week updated Asura Tower 283 back within weapons PVP players should give up the maze of 280 back and select this weapon, after all, more than 3 attack, tyrant legend weapons players this week has risen to second place, the next week is expected to leveling the first!

  Gem selection this week also some changes in defense flow obsidian the vertigo the ruby, vampire topaz or vampire amethyst, 600-anti or 35-attack diamond; outbreak stream 35 attack diamond, 200 vampire amethyst, 400 additional damage carbuncle, 100 blood-sucking topaz.

  The ttrigram respect nothing has changed, mostly new asura 5 the labyrinth 3 through defense trigram, put in more than last week’s new asura maze 5 DPS.

  These are the week contest the general assembly Blade and Soul gold overview, see you next week.

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