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Blade and soul female players career recommend the summoner

03/01/2013 PM

  A very brutal facts before us, the number of online users males are much larger than females. Admittedly, the boys play games more than girls have talent, look at today’s top gaming circles know. Of course, MMORPG compared with other games or very different from a lot of the difficulty of reducing the opponents from others into machines, equipment, property can compensate for operating on a certain degree of the gap.

  A lot of girls like summoner occupation, the characters the sprout meow. But rational point, long-term plans, Buy blade and soul gold feel summon not the first choice for most women. Of course, not generally girls a lot like what you play! Possible there is another girl to play the game and not the pursuit of grades and equipment casually hit monster, yo bend diagram a little fun, can also be resorted to favorites summoner!

  Well, we first speaking summoner. Play good call of slmighty, to play the bad call is a copy of the devils. Summoner truly qualified to play a copy to pay attention to a lot of places, to ensure that the output is the most basic and often require the cat to tank BOSS or BOSS summon the little brother, but also pay attention to the timely use vines to control the monster and the use of dandelion for help. Are also concerned about aspects more need to remember a professional need will be something more, is the so-called easy to get started difficult to master.

  Think right, and do play which career is not the color might as well play their favorite. However, the devaluation does not summon another reason, is summoned less sought-after. In other words, the same occupation, at a lower operating level summon looks like the most unwanted. A lot of people that are more or less the summon is useless, soy sauce, in fact, summon weak, copy of arena summon can play the open.

  so much about the summoner, call in the hearts of most of the girls are very special career. Buy blade and soul gold not oppose girls playing Summoner just remind you not too care about the appearance and ignore the characteristics of the profession itself.

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