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Blade and Soul charging prediction lead out players heart price

03/04/2013 AM

        Recently, Blade and Soul charging mode predicition lead hot discussion. (>> point card + mall?) Many guesses, but players tend to cards or monthly card charging. The hanbok point card is 30 hours over 5 dollars, over 120 the monthly card, the hanbok mall has cosmetic volumes, the role bar expansion volume and punch operator. All kinds of speculation, which triggered a slight fluctuation of the players on game cards, monthly cards psychological price.

  The forecast of a forum uncle party cause players to discuss the history of Blade soul gold, the most pit uncle party. Allowing the player popping cards, monthly cards forecast does not fly too expensive charges props in the game can actually burst, and the mall fashion can not accept is limited to use so many fashion control. The players can also compare prices in South Korea and America, look at the precedent of the Korean game is basically a the hanbok game charges cheaper than the US one.

  If Blade soul gold put out cards, monthly cards to how much money you can accept?

  The most pit uncle party was born, so that players are becoming more aware of the specific amount of cards, monthly cards! Followed by a player to do a survey and found that most players bear cards, monthly cards between 5-10 dollars, but the capacity of the people in the 20 is not in a very small number, believe there will be rich players is higher.

  Chase your dreams or the let them go. Believe that Blade soul gold will not let the player down.

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