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Do not rush to upgrade in Blade and Soul

03/04/2013 AM

  The upgrade in each online game is the only way for players. First of all, do not worry, although there are all kinds of rapid escalation in the forum, but blade & soul gold advise you to easily try or not to go. Why, one novice operator can get started, but proficiency takes time, groups blame the rapid upgrade is need to operate, with the details of the plus points and weapons, gems, trigram, etc. Also, these things need new players in the game gradually familiar. If you are not familiar with these, the method in accordance with these speed upgrades to practice lying corpse must While lying corpse can not afford to experience, but a resurrection necessary over the map, either luck, extreme waste of time.

  Second, you expect such a long game, so gulping jump bear to the plot and a variety of exciting tasks? The sword of the Spirit, the story is very full, very exciting cutscenes, blade & soul gold practiced two level also have to look at the cutscenes. Very reasonable branching plot basically a figure a main line with several branches, unknowingly do away novice players do not do too fast and miss the wonderful roadside. This game as long as you follow the story to go, quests out to do, and only after 29-30 and 43 appear to experience faults, 29-30 we did not bother to practice daily tasks at your fingertips to do a few passed, 43 after you by veterans, brush weapons, over the four this playing some money or something, it is naturally full level.

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