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The Blade and Soul hanbok permanent account security number

03/04/2013 PM

  Many people have asked me for a permanent number, Blade and Soul gold have explained many times, and thereby made a post here, save a great deal.

  Ordinary account can’t unbind certified, the number monthly renewals but also expensive and troublesome the players eyeing permanent security number.

  What’s the permanent security number? Stores will tell you that long-term security number, has been possible solutions to the certification, has been able to play.

  In fact, permanent security number, is a hoax. Security number is bound with the Korean mobile phone or certificate, solution validation Korean phone support they need. You know, you buy insurance number, although the information given to you, but the ownership of the account, or in the hands of Korean, not sold to you is yours.

  Second, the so-called permanent insurance number, its price of more than 200, in fact, just an ordinary account, the cost is less than 20 dollars, simply can not authentication scheme. Unscrupulous sellers take an ordinary account when the the permanent number sold a net profit of a few hundred. When you need to solve certified sellers for various reasons prevarication, direct point, pull the black, would like to continue to shop, your refund, continue to deceive and even some of the change in the name of. Think about the seller with a 20-something for the few hundred dollars, he sold 10 single, can not always someone’s account is verified, as long as he has 9 single has not been verified, you can count how much can it earns.

  Third, maybe someone will say, Blade and Soul gold is willing to buy none of your business?, If you are willing to spend hundreds to buy the ordinary account, per month to pay red on card vpn thought their account is guaranteed to do legend of weapons, end accounts can not be untied, you will finally know what I mean.

  Fourth, the seller’s excuse is usually registered in Korea / my relatives studying in Korea / my classmates Korea, and draw attention to distinguish

  Fifth, of course, does not rule out, some people really selling is a permanent number, seven or eight hundred a solution certified security number really is. However, note that the word permanent, how long can you play? South Korea will always cooperate and stores? TB security number is now 60 a month, you can play more than one year has truly earned one year later, you do not have to spend money security number. However, I am worried about is the year, I’m afraid you are not play that long.

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