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Blade and soul localized suggestions for improvement

03/04/2013 PM

  After all-night analysis, and gather the views of my game friends to the leadership as well as NCSOFT development team about modified the program which majority players want to be corrected.


  Some people play for the first time to see the bonfire can press F next point, do not expect the repair of weapons, a waste of a hammer. Some people go to the bonfire near the edge of the NPC with tasks, a results press F actually own repair weapons, wasting a hammer!

  These issues after buy blade soul gold repeated experience to the developers proposed repairs completed before pressing the F key, the player can cancel the repair, and do not consume a hammer, so no problem. I deep thought, after all, to repair the hammer are players’ hard-earned money.


  The chat system is indeed so buy blade soul gold have sounded in cattle whenever wandering on the street, in the middle of the night I want to find a friend drink and a chat, but have no one contacted. Reply inconvenient secret language, unable to confusion by the private chat team chat messages, and so on, this is how sad! But please assured, the next version I promise raised the problem will be solved.

  Auction house

  I have always want to swear the game’s progress! The auction house last test just a prototype, to meet the most basic functions. The auction house will also get a corresponding improvement.

  Items in the group assigned mode

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