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Is Blade and soul worth the wait

03/04/2013 PM

  Blade soul gold is a Korean martial arts action-based MMO game, advancing to the task in the form of the entire game, a lot of the story, to explore, a copy will be full of players the game process. Especially the story of Blade and soul, but also small kind of regain the feeling of the stand-alone, we just like being in the story being, people can not wait to see what happens next.

  The beginning of the game, our hero will be born in a big family called freemason in many senior fellow apprentice to take care of the weak, filled with quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the whole martial art, not knowing that was the brothers betrayal. It induced daughter lucky enough to survive, he is the role of revenge toward the road to be strong. But small in the replacement race, was actually exactly the same plot. Feelings freemason received no threshold, all races are here to practice? A villain who actually can give off which really worthy of the game the strongest BOSS.

  Although the overall action sequences of Blade and soul , but it has an open vast game world, copies of all four of the map needs to be explored to find its entrance.

  Incidentally, Blade soul gold does not automatically find its way, like in the past you have to follow the guidelines go, the slightest bit lazy and do not, etc. The lazy way there, in the game we can wall-walking, dodge freely explore the map. Unfortunately, when dry rack who also jumped not up.

  In addition, if you are a like telling anyone cut wrong, willful allies and enemies. 20 you can choose between two camps, this time the clothes come in handy, want to PK they must wear a the camp belongs gi to open play, once took off, it will return to neutral.

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