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Force master how to make output more fierce

03/06/2013 AM

  In Blade and Soul, force master has the unparalleled powerful force, this force lead to force master almost always enough to attract other occupations’ envy. No one can afford bear the avalanche of attacks, no one can escape from force master when anger release, their ax in hand will inflict a devastating blow. They are good at grappling, has extraordinary system can withstand more damage, strikes, and it is the guarantee of team to victory. However, although Blade soul gold force master career is not poor, but a lot of players do not know in the end how force master can use the card knife.

  The force master in the impression of many people is pure control occupational with low output, although with high defense but can not act as tank.

  Today Blade soul gold want to tell you, in fact, the foece master output is not low even often beyond kungfu master and boxer. How to enhance the output of force master which requires card knife skills?

  What is card knife? It is the use of breach of the peace cut, destroy stiff action to cancel the flat cut principle, under the premise anger, destruction end play hurt instantly with flat cut, flat cut out the damage instantly with destruction loops until no anger, through talent and a weapons back to the internal force properties can achieve unlimited card knife.

  Blade and Soul force master card knife talent:

  Accordance with the talent shown force master 22 level can start card knife. The following are the needed talents.

  1. The first layer to strengthen destruction (destruction accelerated internal forces of consumption was reduced from 30% to 20%)

  2. The first layer of the mountains (normal attack under 1) strengthen (every hit has been monsters internal forces replies 30%)

  3. The second layer of enhanced destruction (cast time decrease)

  Others may ask, “Why do I do as you say plus talent, the ordinary attack is still slow ?”

  This need you to take more practice, master the rhythm, normal attacks can not be too fast, or the second normal attack out continuous destruction time passed. Nor too slow, too slow to make the past continuous damage.

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