2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Kungfu masters this week contest still not break into top 20

03/07/2013 AM

  Spiritual swordsman still mighty despot, the top three occupy the first and second, and winning rate are very high, the first is a 90% winning percentage, the top 20 occupy three seats!

  The popular assassin last week, this week the top 20 number of assassins a downward highest ranked behind in third, the total number down to four.

  Boxer a strong return this week, top 20 which occupy 5.

  The unpopular force master, has already make a figure, the top 20 accounted for three.

  Summoner is still so strong, the top 20 accounted for four seats, but the ranking has dropped, unlike the last few weeks as routed to the first three.

  Kungfu masters do not show his face in the top 20.

  The kungfu masters have repeatedly strengthened, why the top 20 but no seats in it? Overall, the kungfu masters rely on crit and attack a meal career, in the case of today’s defense stream rampant kungfu masters difficult to worn other occupations. The fewer control skills and instant outbreak skills, the CD resistance skills longer and use up the convenience of no other career. Difficult to manufacture its own good output environment, finally frozen rival, a SS opponents erased not be so easy to think of frozen injury on the ice palm simply is not enough to see. QE can be lifted together with the maintenance of the last two weeks, the frozen state, no doubt to the kungfu masters worse, this point is very deadly for kungfu, equivalent frozen in this state is comfortable with, in this you stack ice period of time inside, lifting the frozen skills already cooling, no frozen state kungfu masters how to output!

  Maybe kungfu master need to buy some buy blade soul gold, the equipment, the skills and the operation all are important to succeed. Hope kungfu master can have a changeover next week.

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