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Blade and Soul content preview six player copy mode

03/07/2013 PM

  In Blade and Soul, the current design, for a copy of the most heroic difficulty joined a special mode - 6 player mode.

  Compared to traditional four-player mode, a copy of such a design in difficulty will be more friendly, more suitable for the novice used to play and practice and run-familiar with the copy.

  Chicken column

  Copy of the door support 6-player mode, you will see a chicken column braved the green flame. Only chicken column can you create a team of six people and challenge the 6-player mode.

  The use of the chicken column is almost the same with the dragon pillars, but you need to pay attention that if you have already in the team, then can not be used (whether or not the captain).

  Monster strength

  In most cases, no matter boss or mobs, the 6 player mode monster strength (attack power, blood, etc.) and the 4 player mode is almost the same, but the two additional teammates, a copy of the battle will become easier strength in numbers. The most obvious benefit is more than 4 people a lot of control skills, damage output will be increased substantially.

  Copy of the fall

  Relatively low due to the difficulty of the challenge of the 6-person mode, the corresponding fall certainly not as good as the 4 player mode. We hope that the 6 player mode players to the copy of the software (skills) and hardware (basic equipment) to carry out a full range of improved, more difficult challenges based on 4-person mode, get better rewards.

  So do you can wait to have a try, Blade and Soul gold can help you to it. More gold information please link to the Blade and Soul gold.

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