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Blade and Soul assassin PVP points parsing compared with WOW

03/07/2013 PM

  Overall, the idea of Blade and Soul gold Assassin PVP and WOW is almost the same.

  1. Because there is no flat cut, so all the career has counterattack skills, so the skills should be more cautious.

  2. Control and calculate their skills CD is the CD and use the opportunity of the anti-control skills, it is very important.

  3. Hands with small COMBO deceive opponents anti-control skills, and then the large COMBO skill output.

  4. Note that the number of its own internal forces, according to their own internal forces COMBO routine, otherwise COMBO half beans found internal forces gone, the results of the skills of the front part of the COMBO CD gone, but not any play hurt, and gave opponents recrimination the skills CD replies’s time

  5. If you want a career PVP reaches a relatively high level, it is recommended to play with other occupations. I remember when WOW 70 final when I play a thief all occupations PVP play again, have a clear understanding of various vocational skills habits, especially thieves civil war on energy, CD, GCD, control, should pay attention to recrimination. Relatively fast reaction of that time, and some names thief was about the war, and now work points out a lot of energy, but also up to less than the previous glory.

  You ready to play professional novice assassin PVP response operation network speed, the assassin is a good choice. And copy assassin performance impressive, good output, but also generalists, rushing to a lot of teams. Basically 36 assassin, brush a story trigrams and weapons, relative to other occupations in the arena, you can have a good winning percentage. This time can also brush the beans is WOW honor, while a battle also 1-3 minutes, win there is considerable experience the task interrupted when play PVP upgrade soon.

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