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Interpretation of Iwashiro Taro Blade and Soul music

03/08/2013 AM

  Al the soundtrack network was launched in 2012, probably the most outstanding is Blade and Soul music, the most important part of the soundtrack of the game is composed by the Japanese soundtrack Guru Iwashiro Taro. The high standard of quality and outstanding enough to be handed down to posterity forever. It can be called the supreme masterpiece ACG music rare in recent years, these songs and the Taro Iwashiro composed, even got to the field of serious music is quite worthy of recognition exist, Blade soul gold, the game is able to attract many players Iwashiro Taro contributed a lot.

  Japanese music maestro, Iwashiro Taro is definitely regarded as a master-class character, he was involved in the soundtrack of the film and television drama and film countless, his influence in the field of ACG soundtrack is quite high, because he took over every piece is called a boutique in the boutique. Early years, he is the heartbeat memories arranger two piano set, and later for Onimusha 2 to compose the soundtrack, and the Blade and Soul music, it can be said is the Iwashiro Taro as the masterpiece of musical works.

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