2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Three minutes to work out the last dodge task

03/08/2013 PM

  After you completed wall-walking and achieve 45 level, you will receive the last dodge task “completed the dodge”, is still looking for lay dodge time plus 5 seconds after the task is completed.

  ① Step one: in the exchange, the player can buy the tasks goods made by players --- bot cartridges.

  Then rub the return trip back to the map of ghosts, close to the place of the gates of hell, look at the task prompted the approximate location of the NPC, and then ran. You will see a blue icon at the top of the front of a high-rise, and that the location of the NPC, you’re going to there to hand over task.

  ② Step two: around the rockery housing top are an illusion. Left watching the trees dead tree behind the rockery stone. Flew past the top of the climb up stone. Blade & soul gold will see another dead tree.

  ③ Step three: the mountains to see the new dead tree, wall-walking climb the second tree branches.

  ④ Step four: go up after wall-walking, perspective steering walls, double WW accelerated from the top of the branches forked jump on top of the eaves of the opposite.

  ⑤ Step five: up to the eaves, has been walking to the right, has been to be able to see the corner of a platform.

  ⑥ Step six: see the platform corner, WW accelerated Feiyanzoubi different angle to the right mouse jumped onto the platform to the right.

  ⑦ Final step, NPC astrotech lay on this platform, the who has demons cartridges with tasks can be. To complete tasks dodge +5 seconds.

  End: a taste of the next climb to the summit after the gates of hell panoramic!

  Enjoy your journal to leveling up, and blade & soul gold will accompany with you all the way along.

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