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Spirit swordsman and assassin rule the tournament this week

03/10/2013 PM

  According to Blade and Soul the latest tournament ranking, the top 20, force master and summoner only one person, spirit swordsman win 1, 2, 4, and 3, 5, was dominated by the assassin.

  PVP tournament ranking , until 11 a.m. on March 8, below is buy blade soul gold jousting assembly list this week.

  Due to the start of the new season this week, rank scores reset, cause a large list of shuffling, spirit swordsman and assassin almost occupied the entire list, this kind of situation should improve next week.

  This week the spirit swordsman in 94% odds of winning the first with the legends weapon, assassin is still strong, and the second rise of abortion force master also makes force master rankings improve, compared to this, other profession is playing for fun.

  There will be no big change in the equipment before the new copy open.

  All are back to internal weapons, in red purple white yellow stone, tournament maze defense jewelry necklace, asura maze mashup trigram synthesis violence prevention and penetration.

  From the analysis, we all see that the equipment in fact, plays a important role in the pvp mode, if your career is not that powerful, you have to buy the top weapon to make up. To buy blade soul gold, remember bladesoulonline.net.

  Above is the Blade and Soul tournament this week, see you next week.

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